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What We Do

Among their many tasks, Adjutants are responsible for assisting in the consecration and installation services of the Bishop, the Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women, District Superintendents, District Missionaries, Pastors, Elders, and Missionaries, and in the dignified execution of the Homegoing Celebration for deceased members of the same offices. They assist the Bishop in the orderly conduct of other Jurisdictional ceremonial occasions.


The Jurisdictional Adjutancy is an extension of the office of the Bishop. Directions for service are given by the Bishop or one of his designees. The Jurisdictional Adjutancy is the main office of Protocol within the Jurisdiction. Therefore, we are ready to provide information and technical assistance to every branch of the church-related to proper protocol, order, and service. As such, it is the business of the Jurisdictional Adjutancy to define the correct protocol, set things in order, and render the needed service.


The offices of the Jurisdictional Adjutancy include The Chief Adjutant, the Assistant Chief Adjutant, the Adjutant Episcopal, the Lead Adjutant Sister, Scribe as well as Protocol, Floor, Communion, and Platform Adjutants.

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